Free Course: Start Learning Basic Norwegian with Speak Norsk :)

  • Are you planning on learning Norwegian, but not sure where to start?
  • Would you like to receive information, tips and guidance on how to start learning?
  • Would you like to preview our lessons and see what makes Speak Norsk online courses so efficient? 

Speak Norsk gives you the possibility to become a part of our remarkable team of students by offering a free course for those interested in developing their basic Norwegian understanding, and get a grasp of what Speak Norsk´s methodology and technique for teaching Norwegian truly represents.

We gathered multiple resourceful video lessons, explanations from our best teachers, and exercises for you to practice your knowledge - all free of charge. Dive in our platform for e-teaching and discover what makes our online courses one of the best on the online learning market.

You will learn:

  • basics of Norwegian conversations, expressions, phrases through pre-recorded video lectures
  • listening exercises for beginners
  • previews from our conversation and exam preparation books, written by Speak Norsk teachers
  • vocabulary lists for each conversation topic with definitions, explanations in Norwegian and English translations
  • expressions and words of the day with the help of our downloadable study sheets

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