Viking Offer (A0 to B2)

Complete Norwegian Package from beginner to advanced

with teacher guidance

Learning Norwegian has never been easier with our most-popular Viking package.

FIVE LEVEL INTENSIVE COURSE PACKAGE that will take you from 0 (A0) to fluent (B2) speaker in a short period of time!

The course package includes the following

intensive levels:

– A0

– A1.1, A1.2

– A2.1, A2.2

– B1.1, B1.2 

– B2.1, B2.2

Students will be issued a course certificate upon successful completion of the course!

12 books are included in this package deal!

Your personal teacher

Hi, my name is Maria and I will be guiding you throughout the course.

Education and background:

Most-popular online teacher with over 4 years of experience teaching Norwegian as a second language.

Send me your assignments and I will send you personalised feedback and comments on how you can improve!

About the course: Introductory video with teacher Kristine

What makes this package our most popular?
  • Pure, lengthy explanation videos by Speak Norsk's most popular teachers with highest-rated feedback from our classroom-based courses in Oslo, Norway!
  • Well-structured and customized program (all made for you) build upon students' feedback and requests
  • Worth your money and time. They say time is money but, in reality, money is time when you invest it in the right place.

Who is this course for?

The Online Viking for Beginners (A0-B2) course package is tailored for YOU who wants to become fluent in Norwegian, even if you have previous experience in Norwegian. This package will make sure you get all the basics right. You will start from the beginning and advance to an independent user level in a period of approximately 6–8 months.

Will I benefit from this package if I have already taken beginner level?

Yes, this package is popular amongst beginners and intermediate students who want to make sure they got a solid foundation in Norwegian. Our materials and lessons are unique and different from any other books and courses, and the lessons will be brand new for you.

What is included in the A0 to B2 online course package?

You will get access to:

  • A0, A1.1, A1.2, A2.1, A2.2, B1.1, B1.2, B2.1 and B2.2 (full levels package)
  • Pre-recorded grammar lessons (teachers´ grammar explanation videos)
  • Grammar exercises and quizzes
  • Pre-recorded pronunciation lessons (teachers´ explanation videos)
  • Pre-recorded conversation lessons (texts, vocabulary, and listening exercises)
  • Vocabulary lists 
  • Repetition exercises and grammar overview videos to review the passed material and topics
  • Motivational videos from our most-popular teachers
  • Midterm and final term evaluations for each level 
  • Continuous support and guidance from Speak Norsk administration and teachers on your learning journey!
  • Extra bonus of previously recorded live classes: grammar lessons and exercise-solving videos
  • Course completion certificate

What will you learn? 

In terms of writing, you will have the skills to write personal letters describing experiences and impressions and enter unprepared into conversations with natives. 

The Online Viking for Beginners (A0-B2) course is a key resource in helping you with your descriptive/and explanatory speech, as well as with argumentative, debate-focused communication. By completing it, you will be able to communicate comfortably both orally and in writing in all settings.

Teacher guidance

Teachers will answer your questions in the comments section of each video. You can also send personalised emails to teachers to check your texts and other assignments.

Course books and materials 

You will get 10 e-books - two for each level. All e-books and materials needed for the course are included in the price and are available on the online platform.

Lesson preview with teacher Maria

(A1: Sentence structure in Norwegian)

Lesson preview with teacher Johannes

(A1 pronunciation: a, o, u)

LIVE and interactive lessons in addition to your course!

Exclusive to our online students

  • Live lessons in our private Speak Norsk community when purchasing an online course.
  • Be a part of Speak Norsk family and interact with teachers daily!

Payment options

Instant access to the course upon completing the payment. Start learning today!