C1 intensive online course package

with teacher guidance!

Includes: C1.1 and C1.2

Speak Norsk ́s C1 course package consists of two parts, C1.1. and C1.2 and will emerge the student into the more complex parts of the language - from political debates, understanding of dialects to formal and poetic writing. It has a natural transition from one topic to the next, and builds on your skills and confidence when speaking and writing in Norwegian, as close as on a native level. 

What's included in the course?

  • Pre-recorded lessons and examples on advanced writing and debates´ techniques
  • Teacher guidance throughout the course
  • Collection of pre-recorded lessons videos, sound clips, quizzes, writing and listening exercises 
  • Full-length pre-recorded lessons on topics such as:
  • Formal and informal words and vocabulary
  • How to write a letter of complaint and other formal letters
  • Advanced use of prepositions
  • Structure and writing of argumentative texts
  • How to write formal and informal letters and emails
  • How to write a CV and job application that will stand out
  • Comma rules
  • Debates and argumentative conversation
  • Map and explanation of Norwegian dialects
  • Abbreviations and slang terms
  • Transitive and intransitive verbs
  • Interjections
  • Sentence binders
  • Information and tips about how to apply for a loan in Norway
  • All-in-all helpful videos that will assist you in developing your writings skills and ability to write clear, long texts
  • Grammar, vocabulary and linguistic exercises that will help you expand your knowledge to a high level
  • Advanced vocabulary lists
  • Videos and material about important concepts on the school system in Norway

You will learn how to: 

  • understand a variety of texts with different subjects and with a different complexity range
  • express ideas and use the language in an academic environment 
  • write letters, emails, resumes and job applications that stand out
  • understand particular nuances of the Norwegian language and authentic word phrases, unknown to the beginner/intermediate students and generally used only by the Norwegian community
  • write an attractive ad online
  • differentiate different Norwegian dialects, such as Bergen, Stavanger, etc.

Course outcomes

  • Students will become familiar and further develop their language skills within all registers (formal, informal, familiar, slang) to cope with complex situations of oral communication and in writing.
  • Students will produce multiple texts, such as essays, articles, poetic texts, well-structured CVs and job applications. This way, they will get familiar with producing clear, well-structured, detailed sentences, showing controlled use of connectors.
  • Students will gain a solid linguistic competence, using the language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes.

Who is this course recommended for?

The C1 course package is recommended for students who have priorly completed B2 level or for everyone with an intermediate level in Norwegian who wants to further develop their skills to an academic level and/or want to pass Bergenstest.

Hi! I am Jon Øistad, your teacher in C1 course!

Together with Kristine and Johannes, I will be following up with you during the course. You can send me your texts, audios and other assignments and I will send you personalised feedback and comments on how you can improve!

E-books are included in the course package.

You will get:

  • C1.1 (writing and conversation practice)
  • C1.2 (writing and conversation practice)

Lesson preview with teacher Kristine

(C1.1 skriving: Fraser og uttrykk som brukes i e-poster)


Lesson preview with teacher Jon

(C1.2 skriving: Jobbsøknad)


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