B2-C1 online writing course

with teacher guidance

Express yourself with confidence in Norwegian!

Want to transform your writing from dull to exciting and craft perfectly structured sentences and texts that will impress any native speaker?

With Speak Norsk´s online writing course for advanced users or Norwegian language you will learn exactly how to do it. 

As a comprehensive course for Norwegian Learners, focusing on grammar, vocabulary, structure, and punctuation, the B2-C1 online writing course will become your ultimate companion in the art of writing and drafting sublime texts.

In this course, students will focus on understanding the demands of different styles of writing, and work to improve grammatical correctness and vocabulary development and use. Students will have the opportunity to write on a number of different topics and ideas, centered on areas of interest to them.

From structuring and organising an academic text to avoiding common mistakes that can negatively affect one's credibility, the B2-C1 online writing course looks at various components that will make your academic writing stand out for all the right reasons, including paragraphing, style, tone, paraphrasing and punctuation. 

What's included in the course?

  • Pre-recorded writing lessons (teachers´ grammar explanation videos)
  • Videos with teacher Maria correcting texts and assignments - ful guidance on what to do vs. what not to do when writing texts
  • Written exercises, assignments and quizzes
  • Punctuation lessons 
  • Tips and tricks for professional emails
  • Daily corrections and feedback on your assignments directly from our teachers!
  • Continuous support and guidance from Speak Norsk administration and teachers on your learning journey!

You will learn:

  • to structure and organize your ideas cohesively on paper
  • to create reader-friendly sentences
  • to use appropriate tone for the text you are writing
  • to ensure your text respects the rules of general punctuation and grammar in Norwegian
  • to put in practice the grammar, punctuation and rules into actual comprehensive, flowing texts with a creative twist

Who is this course recommended for?

This course is designed for students who wish to improve their writing skills on an academic level.

How will I interact with the teachers?

All our students can ask questions to our teachers under each video lesson and the teachers will answer them daily, leaving personalized feedback. Students can also submit their texts, audios, and other files for the teachers to correct.

Course books and materials

All e-books and materials needed for the course are included in the price and are available on the online platform. 

Introductory video by teacher Maria


"I will follow your progress throughout the course. "

I will correct your texts, send you feedback, tips and make sure you are on track with your learning process. Ask me anything in the comment section!"

Teacher Maria

Lesson preview: Definite article


Payment options

Upon completing the payment, you will get instant access to the course!

2.999 kr

3 months access (One-time-payment)

Write like a pro!

3.999 kr

Lifetime access (one-time payment)

Worth investing in your future!