Online social studies course (Samfunnskunnskap) + citizenship (Statsborgersprøven)

with teacher guidance

This course is all you need to prepare for social studies or citizenship test, required to apply for either permanent residency or citizenship. Our well-structured and easy-to-follow course guarantees passing the tests from the first try!

The course is 100% in Norwegian, and all participants must understand and speak Norwegian at an intermediate (B1) level or higher.

The course covers the following mandatory 7 subjects/chapters as defined in the official syllabus of the Norwegian language and civics course:

  • New Immigrant in Norway
  • History, geography, and way of life
  • Children and family
  • Health
  • Education and learning
  • Working life
  • Democracy and the welfare society 

Speak Norsk´s social studies online course combines several different learning methods. You will read and watch video lessons, as well as complete assignments, work with interactive exercises, practice questions from the examination, and interact with our teachers through the online platform.

Our teachers will guide you through the course from beginning to end; you will be able to ask questions throughout the whole duration of the course and get answers and direct feedback daily!

What this course will qualify you for?

Are you thinking to apply for permanent residency or citizenship? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Complete this course that includes both social studies and citizenship test preparation (both courses follow the same syllabus)
  2. Once you practice enough with our examples similar to those in the social studies and citizenship tests, you can apply for the national social studies/citizenship tests organized by Kompetanse Norge.

What is the difference between the social studies test and the citizenship test?

  • The social studies test is the same as the citizenship test (follows the same syllabus)
  • The only difference between the tests is the language level that a student will have to meet - the language level in the citizenship test corresponds to level A2, while the level in the social studies test is considered to be higher than A2, usually B1 level.
  • If you want to apply for citizenship, you must pass the citizenship test or take the social studies test in Norwegian. Speak Norsk´s social studies course is available only in Norwegian.

Note: If you have already taken the social studies test in another language, you will have to retake the test.

What will you cover in Speak Norsk´s social studies course?

  • You will cover the syllabus for both the social studies test and the citizenship test
  • Get to practice with real examples for previous examinations from both social studies and citizenship test
  • Complete multiple-option exercises (similar to those you will encounter in the exams)
  • Receive valuable tips and guidance from our teachers

Who is this course recommended for?

This course is recommended for all our students would like to apply for permanent residency and/or citizenship.

About the course: Introductory video with teacher Maria

Time flexibility: Start and learn anytime, from anywhere in the world.The course is 100% online, making it easy for you to study the material according to your schedule.

Taught by your favourite teachers: The course has been developed by our teacher Julian whose background education in social studies qualifies him to deliver to you only the best material and most recent information about the Norwegian society. Besides Julian, our main teachers Jon, Maria, etc. will be answering your questions daily on the online platform. 

Teacher guidance 24/7: Submit any questions you might have to our knowledgeable teachers and get answers daily! They will send you personalized feedback and recommendations on how to improve and easily understand the material. 

E-books included in the course: Free of charge! The e-books and all additional materials used in the course have been carefully developed and written by our teachers and include deep insight into all 7 chapters of the mandatory syllabus of the social studies course.

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