A detailed and thorough series of grammar exercises for all Norwegian learners. Improve your grammar skills and understanding TODAY.

Do you need to review Norwegian grammar? Would you like to practice more, outside your course or lessons? Have you forgotten the grammar you once studied? If so, this self-practice course is perfect for you.

If you’re planning on becoming proficient in Norwegian, then an understanding of Norwegian grammar is essential in order to ensure professional, social, and effective communications. When correct Norwegian grammar is in use, communication is easier and clearer. Learn with our grammar exercises key concepts and strategies to help enhance your writing and further develop your grammar skills is a way you can present yourself as more professional and polished!

  • You will sharpen your ability to communicate well through the written word
  • You will be able to use Norwegian grammar correctly
  • You will reinforce the knowledge you have gained

What is included in the grammar practice course?

  • Over 500 grammar exercises covering topics from A1 to C1 level
  • Wide range of exercises - from multiple-option to written assignments 

Will you be able to get answers to your questions?

  • This is a pure self-practice of grammar exercises, teachers will not answer your questions. The option of teacher guidance is available on all other courses.

Who is this course for?

Our grammar practice online course is for everyone who needs or wishes to work on their grammatical skills and practice through exercises, from beginners to advanced students.

Note: This course is a collection of extra assignments and exercises, for students to practice more grammar. It should not be substituted or perceived as a level course. For grammar explanations or lessons, please check our level courses.

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